Keep an open mind!

Okay folks…I will probably upset a few people with this one, but here goes….

if you want to be successful at this, you have to keep an open mind. Now, you could just choose projects that are within your “morality” boundaries…but it does limit your choices. I am in this for the long haul. I choose projects based on how well they are written and how successful they are in the general public. And let me tell you…there are lots of strange things going on out there.

I do have some boundaries. I try to stay away from erotica, but only because I giggle too much trying to read it aloud. I did a couple of nonfiction books about sex, but they were more instructional types of things. I don’t really cared for how they turned out, so I have steered clear since.

What I mean about having an open mind is this….you HAVE to sound like you believe in what you are reading.

Let me give you an example. I have completed two books that are currently on the market that are specifically targeted to LGBT markets. This particular author is an award winning author, who writes wonderful fiction stories, and her lead characters happen to always be lesbians. Now….I am a completely heterosexual middle age Grandma. BUT, when I narrate her books, you would be hard pressed to believe that. (I am very proud of that by the way). Those books are some of my best sellers too.

Another quick example. I am doing a series of books on energy healing, reincarnation, and Reiki healing among many other things. I have never in my life used any of those things, but you won’t know that when you listen. Some of it is pretty far out, but you know what? I have gleaned some pretty interesting things from those books, and I am truly thinking about giving it a try!

Narrating is another form of acting. Except you can perform all alone, which is preferable to me!
So, open your mind! Believe in what you are narrating, if only for that few hours!

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Here is a preview of my latest release, Pythagorean Healing, Level 1 by Shelley Kaehr. Enjoy!

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