Hi! My name is Cassandra Arnold and I narrate audiobooks 🙂

I started narrating professionally a while back, and you can find me on and iTunes under the search “Cassandra Arnold”. Check out my blogs for funny stories and interesting tips on narrating, breaking into the business and much more!

Why Read?

Every once in a while someone will ask me why I read so much. How do I possibly answer? Do I try to explain the joy I get from snuggling down with a good book and losing myself in the story? I try to explain this and most of the time I just get a … Continue reading Why Read?

Working for Nothing?

I have decided to throw my two cents in (for what it is worth) about a huge controversy going on right now between Amazon/Audible and Indie publishers, authors and narrators. If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me give you a brief rundown…. For most independent narrators, the easiest way to … Continue reading Working for Nothing?

What Do You Believe?

I just finished narrating a book and the conclusion really resonated with me…thought I would share it 🙂 I don’t know why, but this book comforts me somehow….by the way, the writer DOES believe in God and incorporates Him into many of her books. A lot of folks think that people who write about holistic … Continue reading What Do You Believe?

Scam Alert!

There is a disturbing trend going on in the world of Audiobook narration. Scams. When I think of “scams” I think of some shady looking hacker out there trying to steal my bank information or personal passwords. In this world, it works a little differently. First (and most obvious) is a person posting a well … Continue reading Scam Alert!

Words, words, words….

Ahhhh…you gotta love the English language, whoops, sorry I mean “got to”. I never realized how many words I read to myself on a daily basis between the internet, social media, and books, that I don’t actually speak out loud. How many times do you look at your husband and say something like, “Honey, I … Continue reading Words, words, words….

Shoe Shopping…..

I love this scene from Scrubs, because it is exactly how my husband reacts whenever I say “audiobooks” in a conversation. He will be completely interested in the convo UNTIL I start talking about narrating. At that point, he zones out. I can’t help it that I am totally excited about doing this, and I … Continue reading Shoe Shopping…..


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