Great Authors are a must!

One of the most valuable tips I can give you to successfully narrate, is try and hook up with good writers! I know, you probably already figured that one out, but it is more challenging than you think!

When you start auditioning with ACX, you are only given a very small part of the script to read. Pay really close attention to it. Is it written well? What about grammar? Sometimes, the audition script sounds pretty good, but when you get the full manuscript, you think, “Oh No….this is NOT what I thought it was going to be”. You can back out, but doing that a lot gets you a pretty crappy reputation.

If you read one of my first blogs introducing myself, you will remember one of my vices….I am a people pleaser. I have never sent a book back, I sucked it up and made it sound as good as I could.

Which brings me back to my point….choose your projects wisely.

I found some really great authors, one is Shelley Kaehr, PH.D who has written so many books I can’t count. She offered me a narration of one of her books called “Lifestream” and loved it so, much she has sent me 15 more! I LOVE narrating her books! They are usually short, to the point, and very well written, which makes my job SO much easier. My projects with her have just started coming out, and I am very excited about them!

Another great one is K’Anne Meinel, who has given me 4 of her amazing fiction books, and again, they are SO well written, they are a joy to narrate. I could go on, but my point is, most of these authors have given me repeat projects, and my life has been made so much easier!

So…..make sure you choose wisely and you will thank me for the tip!

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Here is an excerpt from my latest release, Small Town Angel, by K’Anne Meinel. Enjoy!

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