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Small Town Angel by K’Anne Meinel 5 star review by SAB 7/11/20

Excellent book

“I loved the characters and the secrets I was surprise by the lies. Narration was excellent”

Asteria by David Collins 5 Star Review by William L 3/16/21

Space colonization and political corruption

When the Earth becomes uninhabitable, the Lunar colony of Asteria is touted as humankind’s last hope. As it turns out, however, only those rich enough to save themselves can manage to relocate there, and it appears that Earth’s most abundant export is political corruption.

It’s short, but it sets the stage for a larger story and gives a taste of things to come. I want to know what happens next!

I loved that an alternative ending was included! That was a nice treat.

Asteria by David Collins 5 star review by Veronica 3/13/21

A Thriller!

Things are not all what they seem on the lunar colony of Asteria. Technician Carla and her colleagues strive to make the planned community designed to rescue the people of Earth a livable space for all. War, famine and natural resource destruction is quickly rendering the planet uninhabitable leaving billions to perish. When one of Carla’s AI enhanced bots goes missing, she unexpectedly learns the secret decisions and cover-ups by those at the highest levels that will have dire ramifications for Earth’s population. Their trust shattered, will her band of newly found renegades be strong enough to circumvent those in power and change the course of events? Carla and her colleagues decide to take a stand against the powers that be, facing improbable odds. The President and his cronies want her defeated using any means. As the final conflict nears, it’s a battle of technical wits that has life or death consequences for the people of Earth–will the passion of the few be enough to defeat those with more nefarious plans? Author Collins keeps us guessing ’til the very end with this dystopian, apocalyptic tale. Listening to this audiobook, I also very much enjoyed the narration of the story by Cassandra Arnold. She keeps your interest with her engaging style, capturing the characters’ essence and emotions as they embark on this final, dangerous mission. Readers/audiobook listeners even get a delightful twist, Author Collins has also provided an alternative ending that will keep you reflecting on what the future might bring…Which will you choose?

Lemurian Seeds by Shelley Kaehr 5 star review by Jeana Potter 11/7/20


Thank you for this. Just got my first Lemurian seed crystal a week ago – it has incredible power. When the book explained how to unlock the key… I felt a major tingle shoot through my arm and my entire being. Wow. Can’t wait to learn more about Lemuria. Does anyone know where to find these bracelets?

Pythagorean Healing Level One by Shelley Kaehr 5 star review by Amazon Customer 8/13/20

a new way

“this is a new way to think about healing, numbers, and life. This book is a quick listen and her instruction is simple. I still will get the kindle version so I can commit to memory the color and meaning of the numbers. I think the audio and kindle versions should be sold together.
I am glad for the audio version to help those blind.

The Journey Home by K’Anne Meinel 5 star review by Margaret 5/10/20

Excellent Audio!

I loved The Journey Home. A great mix of romance, heart break and how to make a sustainable farm work. Cassandra Arnold does a great job with the narration.

The Journey Home by K’Anne Meinel 5 star review by Joanne 11/10/20

What a Touching Story

I totally enjoyed this book. The story line brought me into it, and I felt like the characters were real and my friends. My “friends” made me laugh and cry while I went back in time. Highly recommend this book.