Don’t Hurt the dog….

So, I am in the middle of narrating a pretty terrific book, and I am on a roll! It is sounding great, I’m relaxed, and all of a sudden….howling/barking coming from the living room as my silly dog thinks the neighbor walking their chihuahua is a huge threat and he definitely needs to protect us from him. Pause the recording…..wait a minute. Okay, back to work.

Five minutes later…..howling/barking as he sees some sketchy looking bag blow across the front yard. Sigh….pause the recording….wait a minute. Okay, back to work.

I get a good 20 minutes of recording in, and I am trucking along quite nicely. Suddenly, I hear the cat yowling and the dog chasing, and I am now seeing red. I want to get up and strangle both of them. Pause…wait a few minutes….begin again.

Unfortunately, when you choose to work from home, this stuff happens. I close my eyes, count to ten, and take several deep breaths. Hey, it’s not as bad as some of those zoom meetings I keep hearing about where the wife walks naked in the background right?

My dogs and my cat are living the dream, not being abused, (except maybe a little bit verbally sometimes) and I will continue to work around it. Please people, hold your tempers and don’t hurt the dog!

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One Reply to “Don’t Hurt the dog….”

  1. That’s my dog and I didn’t give you permission to use his photo. Just kidding love you.


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