Come Out of the Closet honey……

Okay, you’ve decided that you want to narrate audiobooks. You’ve practiced and feel like you are ready. Where do you record?

Well, if you are like me, I can’t afford some to rent some fancy studio to record in. After all, the whole reason I got into this was to make extra money. First, I tried recording in my bedroom at a small desk. No good…too much background noise. Seeing as how I still have 2 adult children living with me (one came back for a while, and one never left-all you parents out there can relate), the extra bedrooms were a no go for setting up a studio. I even tried to convince my hubby to build me a she-shed, but unlike Cheryl, we don’t have the funds for that.

Hello, master bedroom closet! I left the clothes hanging (good mufflers) and tacked up some egg carton mattresses to the walls and tada! My own recording studio! Maybe not as professional as some, but it works for me! The pic above is an actual pic of my closet-please ignore the mess! I am completely jealous of photos I see posted by other narrators who have turned THEIR closets into studios…all neat and clean and such. In mine, you get masking tape around the mic stand holder (to stop squeaking) Halls throat lozenge papers everywhere, and most likely a vodka mixed with sugar free red bull on the TV tray next to me. Just keeping it real people. But hey, it works for me!

At least once a day, my hubby calls out from the living room….”Are you EVER gonna come out of the closet???” He also likes to sneak up on me, yank open the door and yell “WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” I edit out quite a few screams and cursing from my recordings on a daily basis…….+

The point of all this is….GET COMFORTABLE! Whether it is a closet with a recliner in it (like me) or something else, make your own little space, and make absolutely sure it is as soundproof as it can be. Nothing outside of a recording studio is going to be as good, but you can make it good enough to produce some quality recordings. Who cares what it looks like anyways? You work for yourself, remember? What matters is HOW IT SOUNDS.

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